Robert Soloway has been arrested

For most Internet users, spam is a daily disaster. Robert Soloway, known as the ???Spam King???, has been arrested in Seatle. ???Spam King??? Robert Alan Solway might now be behind bars for his spam business.
Spamhaus (UK Anti-spam agency) once named Soloway in its top ten list of spam offenders from eastern Europe. Hi is also accused of hijacking computers to send millions of spammails, by infecting them with viruses. Soloway allegedly spammed the masses in email fraud since 2003 by using hijacked computers from around the world. Experts said hi had also created a botnet - a massive computer network of compromised computers, known in the industry as ???zombies??, able to send out massive spam messages.
Robert Alan Soloway, 27, is currently being held without bail after his initial appearance in U.S. District Court here on Wednesday. Soloway seems to be the first spammer in the US to be charged with aggravated identity theft under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Big Brother is in fact a poor Google copy…

Eric Schmidt, Google chief executive, said that gathering more users personal data was a key way for the company to keep first place in a race for users mind. Google personalised search, allows Google to tailor personalised search results and already has a service which allows users to give Google permission to store their web-surfing history - to create more personalised search results.
“We cannot answer the most basic questions because we don’t know enough about you,” he said.
Not yet….

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