Hackers turn to new genre of evasive attacks

The latest Web Security Trends Report (Q2 2007) from security firm Finjan warns of a proliferation of “affiliation networks”
Cyber-criminals are developing a newsorts of highly sophisticated and evasive attacks designed to bypass signature-based security technology - new research claims.
The attack involves a website that has been hacked previously to host malicious code, an increasingly common trap on the internet. The new method uses special JavaScript coding. Malicious code is hosted on a compromised server and hackers then use the code with their affiliate’s reference in the code placed on various websites. If a user with visits such a site, the computer can become automatically infected with code. It wasn??t clear yet how many websites may be using this style of attack, but the malicious website numbers can be very serious.

e-gold blocks logins from exploited Computers

E-gold Users get have additional protection against phishing attacks from now.
E-gold’s Account Sentinel??(also referred to as AccSent??) enhances the security of e-gold account. AccSent empowers customer to restrict browser access to his account to a single IP address.
More: http://e-gold.com/accsent.html

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