Fresh Anonymous Proxy list

Web resource you access can gather personal information about you. Anonymous proxy servers hide your IP address and prevent unauthorized access to your computer through the Internet.
Anonymous proxy server between the user and the web site protect user. Please use anonymous proxies for legal private activity only!
Fresh Anonymous proxy list:

Need personal proxy Checker?

We find Proxy Cheker few month ago. Proxy Checker is a very powerfull proxy checker script for seeking anonymous proxy installed on the external server.

The Proxy Checker performs automatic search and the servers while keeping your proxy, in its base as long as as they remain productive. Program run on an external server and permanently, it is in the always sufficient job proxy.
To use the system, it is only necessary to specify your proxy lists on the Internet, the system will automatically collect proxy, save them in the database and check them periodically.

High speed verification achieved through multi Icmp connections and ping-before-check system. The scheme is administered via a simple intuitive Webinterface. Using a special URL or email for export, your scripts will be able to obtain a list of servers with specified properties of the system.

Newest version, 3.3, works absoliutely amasing - quick, without unnecessary server load, with clear bright interface.

What is bad - no english interface till now. But they promice by the end of february it will be fixed…

Need more information? Go to Proxy Checker demo page !

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